Platform Specific Issues

How does it work

OBS.Ninja relies heavily on webRTC, a secure peer-to-peer streaming technology that exists in most modern browsers. Most of the OBS.Ninja code runs completely within your browser, although some server-side components are hosted to help facilitate an initial ‘handshake’ between connecting peers. As video data is streamed directly from one peer to the other, server-based solution alternatives simply cannot offer the same low-latency and video quality.

When using the built-in browser plugin of (OBS Studio), OBS.Ninja makes it possible for you to bring this low-latency video directly into OBS Studio without any downloads or user accounts. It's possible to start streaming within seconds.

Essentially, there are two URLs; an input and an output.

The input URL is loaded onto the remote device, which obtains the user's permission to use the device's camera and microphone.

The resulting output of this is another URL, which can be used to access the stream remotely. That URL can also be dropped directly into an OBS scene as a browser source element. The video will play automatically once the URL is added to OBS.

MacOS users need to update to OBS v26.1.2 or newer to access full OBS.Ninja support in OBS. For those running StreamLabs for macOS or older versions of OBS, consider using the Electron Capture instead.